Jordan West Monez develops programs, projects, and community partnerships that bring ecological awareness and arts and culture to everyday life. As the first Friends of Waterfront Seattle Public Space Manager, she's helped the organization lay the foundation for a thriving future waterfront while developing the organization's highly interactive and dynamic approach to programming. Jordan brought a background in landscape architecture including a focus on urban ecology and community design to her work in the public realm to plan, manage, and implement programs and projects that enhance the enjoyment of Waterfront Park, Waterfront Space, and the Friends of Waterfront Seattle digital public space.

Friends of Waterfront Seattle is the nonprofit partner to the City of Seattle for the creation and stewardship of our new waterfront park that will extend from Pioneer Square to Belltown. Through R&D on the current waterfront and community outreach and engagement, Friends of Waterfront Seattle is learning what types of partnerships, programming, and amenities contribute to and are essential for creating a Waterfront for All.