ABOUT TIME: 20,000 YEARS ON THE DUWAMISH is a multisensory nighttime boat tour through the past 20,000 years on the Duwamish: the geologic transition from glaciers to volcanoes and earthquakes; the influx of habitation and life; the growth of culture, language, and community; an engineered transition to industry and commerce; and an unknown future of continued change and adaptation. Part of National Night Out, Jordan Monez and Michael Lewis (About Nature) led participants onto the Duwamish River after dark, presenting a new experience of the river through historical references as we explored the present-day river via kayak. The immersion in history included audio of historical sounds, Waterlines maps referencing the pre-settlement history of the Duwamish,and an interactive floating projection installation of the timeline at the shoreline. A version of the About Time shadow installation was created for the Seattle Art Museum's Remix event at the Olympic Sculpture Park.